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C.E.O Eng. Hassan Abou El-Eleinen Interview on ON TV

About CEG Co.

Who is CEG?

CEG is a construction management and contracting company of superior strength, competence and reputation. 

Our projects include commercial, development, industrial, residential and renovation construction. 

Located in Alexandria, Egypt our commitment to quality, efficiency
and dedication to exceptional customer service is paramount.

Since CEG’s start in 1994, we have developed an outstanding construction and contracting company by building personal relationships with our valued clients, trusted employees,
and dedicated subcontractors and suppliers throughout Egypt.

CEG has grown from a small, local operation in Alexandria into a multi-million pound contractor with projects spanning across Egypt.  From Alexandria, to the Red Sea to Cairo, it has a built a solid reputation among its distinguished clients and an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects

About CEG

At CEG we are proud of the fact that the owners of our company work directly with our clients on all projects.  This person-to-person relationship benefits our clients greatly and rc helicopter will always be what sets us apart.
We invite you to visit CEG’s web site often to learn what's new and discover the differences that will make CEG your choice for general contracting and construction management.
Contact Us about your next project today.

CEG Owners and Founders

Eng. Ihab Mohamed Bekheit
Eng. Bekheit has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Power Systems. Before co-founding CEG, he worked at SUMED Corporation designing and implementing large scale electrical and power systems. He has over 15 years of experience managing construction projects.
He has a particularly strong expertise in the Industrial Construction niche. In addition, he is the resident expert in power and electrical systems design.

Eng. Hassan Aly Abou El-Einen

Eng. El-Einen has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Before co-founding CEG, he worked at Calebret Corporation gaining invaluable experience in mechanical systems calibrations and their applications in the petroleum transport industry.
He has over 15 years ofexperience managing construction and real estate development projects. In addition, he is the resident expert in mechanical systems design.

Eng. Ahmed Refaat Mansour

Eng. Mansour has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. After graduation, he held several positions in Construction Engineering in roles ranging from land survey activities to detailed structure CAD designs and building specifications.
He has over 15 years of experience managing construction and real estate development projects.

Dr. Eng. Ahmed Gamal Mokhtar

Dr. Mokhtar has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications Networks from the University of Washington. After graduation, he held several senior technical and managerial positions in Telecommunications firms in the United States.
Most recently, he was a Senior Director at Level 3 Communications leading a team that manages an annual leased network budget of $500 million.
He is currently splitting his time between Egypt and the US, leading an effort, with Dr. Ghaleb, to establish a Software Development start-up with the same group of partners.

Let the CEG team be a part of your next building project.  Whether you are building new construction or remodeling an existing structure, we can meet you needs.
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