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C.E.O Eng. Hassan Abou El-Eleinen Interview on ON TV

CEG Services

Why CEG?

Unique Relationship Wherever our clients build in Egypt, they experience a remarkably consistent relationship with CEG. What makes CEG unique is that each project is led and overseen by one of CEG’s owners and is assigned a specific project manager. This one-on-one relationship provides our clients with a personal touch that sets us apart.

Professional Team When CEG assembles employees, subcontractors and suppliers for any project, they work as a team. CEG construction professionals experience a number of responsibilities on each job and apply their skills to diverse project types. Hardly a challenge arises for which they do not have an answer or the wealth of knowledge to research and determine an accurate conclusion.

Reputation of Integrity CEG has a long-standing reputation of integrity when it comes to performing quality construction in a cost-effective manner. On each project CEG strives to meet the client’s goal of timeliness, cost effectiveness and quality. Faster completions allow owners to occupy their buildings sooner, saving finance costs and generating income early.

Cost Effectiveness At CEG we take cost effectiveness seriously. When we are involved early in the construction process, during the design phase, we have a proven track record of making cost-saving recommendations without affecting the building's aesthetics.Throughout the duration of your project we maintain high standards of fiscal responsibility.

Optimum Relationships CEG has established optimum relationships with subcontractors and material suppliers throughout Egypt. Our customers benefit from these relationships, as CEG is able to translate preferential treatment into bottom line savings.

Our Services

CEG is a full-service contractor that can essentially assist clients from the conception to completion of their projects. Our services include:
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction
  • Post Construction
  • Development
Contact us today about your next project. To be contacted by a member of the CEG team, click here